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MSBTE News - Ex-MSBTE Students Help catch pupils cheating in online exams

Ex-MSBTE Students Help catch pupils cheating in online exams

The Ex-MSBTE (Maharashtra state board of technical  Education) students file a complaint against final year students of diploma in civil engineering for cheating in online exams. To collect evidence about it, a small bunch of ex-students had someone on the inside help these pupils cheat. 

Due to this pandemic, online exams is the only option and several students are taking advantage of it and cheating in exams. Some MSBTE students are allegedly no exception.They wanted to complain about this but they did not had any proof.

An Ex-student describe how the cheating took place as" Student giving online exam has one or two helping them and they are not seen in front of the camera. These people can see the screens from a particular angle and they click pictures of the questions and forward them too each other and they start looking for answers.  Evidence in the form of group chats,pictures etc had been sent to the officials.

For the ex-students, betarying the people the knew was not as easy . However, once they were convinced that their future is in danger due the results of these current pupils,they decided to do something. "Out in the world, these very students are going to be our competitors for jobs and promotions.We have studied hard and scored good marks when we gave offline exams. There was lot of effort on our part and it is unfair that these students get the advantage because of online exams which are a result of the pandemic"one whistleblower said.

Due the exams been online, students having backlogs passed those subjects quite easily In fact, they claimed that some scholars who have failed in several subjects in the third and sixth semester, and those previously managed to score somehow 50 and 60 percent, they are scoring 95 and 99 percent marks in the final year. Students are scoring 100 percent in online examination.

"These students are going to be our competitors once they graduate. In our field, jobs are offered based on the marks and merit lists- and this is where despite having given it our all, we will fall far behind, for no fault of our own. The authorites need to consider this and make changes,"one ex-student said. Students also added that this is the right time to enquire into this trend and make the decision, as the next MSBTE exams are scheduled to held in mid-June.

When contacted, Director of Technical Education(DTE) Dr. Abhay Wagh said,"I have just been informed today via another student about the issue. No MSBTE student has complained yet. I have already asked my officers to communicate witn the MSBTE office on Monday. We will ask them to set up an inquiry and furnish us with results of the same."


Shrey Saraki

Shrey Saraki

Shrey Saraki is a intern of MSBTE Diplomate, Student of Mumbai University(India), B.Sc. Holder in Information Technology

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